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Industry-Ready ERP Software For Better Business Planning And Management

For larger businesses that requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment, ERP Consulting Services at ICS are backed-up by a team of experts specialized in enterprise systems. Our experience in providing IT solutions to numerous and various customers allows us to also offer solutions adapted to specific industries needs.


Commercial Importance Of Our ERP Software Program


Real-Time ERP
for timely reports

Provides a real-time view of the data that allows you to make proactive business decisions and drive growth.


End manual processes

Automates all of your core business operations to avoid manual errors and improve productivity.


industry-ready ERP

Industry-specific solutions with detailed pre-constructed functionality to reduce complexity in customization and implementation.


100% Cloud-Hosted
Quick and easy configuration

Cloud-hosted platforms reduce the cost of deployment and provide maximum protection for your business data.

Why is ERP Software System Needed?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning that functions as a large database. The ERP software automates data collection, organization and analysis, and shares it with the concerned teams so that they can work to their best abilities. ERP systems were essentially built to help businesses automate their financial capabilities but it soon found usage in other core functions as well i.e. Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Logistics to name a few.

Are you a company who is Cloud ERP proof? Traditional ERP system can become a liability of not executed properly. Say goodbye to business challenges such as operational inefficiencies, data duplication and downtime with MantriInc a robust ERP software Company.


ERP Systems and Integrations:

A major impediment for evolved businesses such as manufacturing and supply chain is an information silo. A business suffers immensely if it is difficult for information to flow freely within different departments. ERP system, with their vast integration capabilities, offer a solution to this problem. Moreover, in recent years, the functional capabilities of ERP system have only increased as it now encompasses Human Resource Management, Business Intelligence, Financial Statistics, Supply Chain Management and much more in its ambit.

ICS has extensive experience across the all industries in world. We help our clients set new standards of excellence.

Our Services include expertise in:

- Business Intelligence

- Supplier Relationship Management

- Supply Chain Management

- Advanced Planning and Optimization

- Continuous Improvement Projects

- Change Management Training