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Big data and Analytics

Managing the Big data and extraction of required information from it, is one of the biggest challenge which includes curating all the data, storing them and delivering the information as and when required.

Data analytics  techniques give organizations a way to analyze data sets and gather new information. Business intelligence (BI) queries answer basic questions about business operations and performance. Big data analytics involve complex applications with various elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms and what-if analysis powered by analytics systems.

With our vast expertise, using best tools we solve big data issues and make process smooth and streamline to extract valuable data.

Our robust and wide range of Big Data Analytics Services looks after the storage, transaction, analysis and maintenance of piles of unstructured data in a well planned and controlled manner to extract most of usable data  for further real-time analysis and visualization.


Our spectrum of big data services


Data Warehousing

With ICS, you can avail real-time data warehousing, involving change data capture (CDC) with optimized integration to multiple data warehouse platforms.


Data Lake

Build, deploy, and assess data faster using the data lake environments in Hadoop. Our Data lake services streamline the processing of Big data in the cloud in a very affordable and cost-effective way.


ETL for Analytics

Data are retrieved from operational systems & pre-processed for analysis with EXTRACTION of data from databases, TRANSFORMATION that includes cleaning, filtering, validating rules & LOADING of data into a data warehouse


Data Processing

We effectively respond to any data related challenges and extend a complete solution for transforming and processing raw data into more refined data.


Data Integration Services

At ICS, we offer very flexible and affordable Data Integration services across various domains and solve complex problems associated with it. The accessibility of sensitive information throughout your enterprise helps in making better business decisions.


Batch Processing

Our process makes complex data collection and processing faster and easy. We make use of unique programs for processing, input and output that serves ideal for handling wide range of tasks

Advantages of Working With Us


"Delivering services to improve customer engagements and increase business revenue."

At ICS, our big data analytic team capable of handling any scale of data to get valuable information that your company/organization can utilize.

Our big data analytic solutions enable organizations to:

  1. Find the right approach to collecting and connecting with data.
  2. Connect the dots across data silos for generating actionable insights.
  3. Develop and implement big data solutions across all business verticals.
  4. Identify and resolve big data security risks ahead of time.
  5. Maintain and manage big data services with ease.

We at ICS helps organizations to gain the right customer insights, leading to a new revenue source through a cross sell & up sell driving profitability. Our expert engineers are always at hand to help you navigate all process and stages on your big data journey.